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Michael Doane
Michael Doane
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Michael Doane is the founder of Solstice House Media. He has worked with software startups, growing businesses, fiction and non-fiction authors, associations and non-profits to bring their products to market and ideas to life.

Michael began his career as a web developer, copywriter, and blogger in the events industry. He has had the unique opportunity to develop marketing strategies from the ground up for growing software startups, businesses & brands, fiction & non-fiction authors, and major trade associations.

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Working with Solstice House goes beyond running campaigns and selling products. Together we can put the projects and ideas that are important to us into the hands and minds of the people that matter most — our customers. Together we can keep doing the work that we love. If you’re ready, I’m ready. Fill out the form below to tell us about your project.